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Li-ion Battry Charger Board with Solar Panel for BeagleBone Black F OELBBBPWR01
The OELBBBPWR01 is Li-ion battery charger board via 20V solar panel docked on BBB(BeagleBone Black). The OELBBBPWR01 provides +5V/3A output power source into BBB in expansion 46pins connector. The MPP(MaximumPowerPoint) is set to 17.2V for solar panel. A optinal 10kohm NTC thermister is available as battery heating detection and protection. Default setting for themal protection is available with 10kohm resistor mounted on board as dummy thermister and on/off SW4. If users hope to apply external thermal protection thermister mounted on battery, users have to let SW4 off and connect external 10kohm NTC thermister (103AT) mounted on battery to PAD(TH-IN/GND(-)) with soldering. The battery temperature range is |10degC to +50degC. The battery charging current is limited to 2.76A.LED1&2 indicate charging status(LED2=on/busy, LED1 =on/completed). The OELBBBPWR01 has Solar/Battery OR output port pads Vout on board. Solar panel may supply power into +5V DCDC converter for BBB and also into OR output port Vout and concurrently can charge power into battery at (>17.2V) region. User also can apply (15VDC to 20VDC) voltage output source instead of solar panel with connecting to solar panel port.

Features ;
  • Li]ion 12V Battery Charger with 20V Solar Panel for BBB(BeagleBone Black).
  • +5V Output supplied into BBB via expansion connectorSolar/Battery OR Output Voltage.
  • Also applicable for Pb Battery.
  • MPP(Maximum Power Point) set to 17.6V.
  • Maximum +5V output supply current is 3A.
  • 3AOptinal 10k NTC thermistor for battery is aplicableCharging current is limited to 2.67A.
  • Operating Temperature Range: |10 degC to +50 degC.
  • degCBattery temperature range is |10 degC to +50 degC with optinal 10k NTC thermister.
  • Charging Battery busy indicator LED.
  • Board style docked on BBB via expansion connector.
  • Board Size ; 54mm ~77mm.
  • Capable of charging mobile phone.
Applications ;
  • For use Beaglebone black outside installation with solar panel and battery.
  • IoT Systems applications.
  • Embedded Linux Systems with BBB.
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PoE/PSE Board for BeagleBone Black
*PoE ; Power over Ethernet
*PSE ; Power Sourcing Equipment

The OELBBBPoE01 is PoE(Power over Ethernet)/PSE (Power Sourcing Equipment) board docked on BBB (BeagleBone Black) with a needed intermediate board. The Battery charger board OELBBBPWR01 is also available for the needed intermediate board. The OELBBBPoE01 provides +48V/15.4W(IEEE802.3af) power sourcing into PoE/PD(Powered Device). The voltage input range is wide from +9V upto +20V, and then DCDC48V converter is mounted in board. The LED1 on board indicates PoE/PD detecting status. The SW1 on board is available for power-off of PoE. Operating temperature range is |15deg.C to +50deg.C. Two ethernet port RJ-45 are mounted on the board.One RJ-45 is for PoE/PD, and another RJ-45 is for non-PoE devices. These two RJ-45 separate PoE power line and ethernet signal line via isolation transformer. When you apply total set with having docked BBB and OELBBBPoE01 and OELBBPWR01, it is very useful and very convenient for user as easy placed IoT/Solar&Li-ion battery/BBB server systems outside installation with PoE devices such as network camera.

Features ;
  • PoE/PSE Board for BBB(BeagleBone Black).
  • Compliant with IEEE802.3af(48V/15.4W).
  • Vin = +9V to +20V.
  • DCDC48V converter on board.
  • Operating Temperature Range: |15 degC to +50 degC.
  • PoE/PD(Powered Device) Detecting indicator LED.
  • Power off SW1 for PoE/PSE 48V.
  • Board style docked on BBB via expansion connector.
  • Board Size ; 54mm ~ 100mm.
  • RJ-45(for PoE/PD) and RJ-45(for Non-PoE) separate PoE power line and ethernet signal line via isolation transformer.
  • Applicable to be docked to OELBBBPWR01.
Applications ;
  • For use Beaglebone black outside installation with PoE Network Camera and solar panel and battery.
  • IoT Server Systems applications.
  • PoE Network Camera solutions.
  • Embedded Linux Systems with BBB.
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Remote Radio Wave Vibration Sensor System(discontinued)
Our Remote Radio Wave Vibration Sensor System provides the powerful solutions for measuring the mechanical vibrations and for measuring the velocities of moving objects and for measuring the distances of various objects such as vehicles, buildings with an epoch-making non-contact remote sensing.

Features ;
  • Remote Sensing a vibration of mechanical machines via 24GHz Radio wave.
  • Detecting the location of unusual vibration on machines such as pumps, engines, electrical motors and so on.
  • Frequency analysis with FFT(Fourier Transform) by DSP(Digital Signal Processor).
  • Automatic Area Scanning by camera motor platform.
  • High temperature objects is OK with remote sensing via radio wave.
  • Approved Test Certification as specified low power radio station with no license in Japan.
  • Supplying the methods to measure a distance to object and velocity of moving object.
  • Supplying a mini-Computer as a paid-for option.
  • Supplying a camera motor platform as a paid-for option.
  • Taking a photo of objects by digital camera with color tone graph per vibration strength.
Functions ;
  • Monitoring a time-waveform of vibration with displaying on graph
  • Frequency Analysis of vibration by FFT(Fast Fourier Transform)
  • Automatic Area Scanning by camera motor platform with a color toned graph photo of objects per vibration strength shot by digital camera.
  • Measuring a distance to object and velocity of moving object.
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PhotoDiode Log Amplifier Circuits Boards ; OELOGAMP8304(discontinued)
The OELOGAMP8304 photodiode monitor board provides a highperformance and user-friendly means of monitoring photodiode current. The output voltage signal range is -0.2V to +4.0V based on the logarithmic conversion of the photocurrent. This board mounts the AD8304 logarithmic amplifier to achieve high sensitivity and low noise. At the 1nA photocurrent level, the AD8304fs bandwidth is about 2 kHz, and can reach 10 MHz at higher current.

Features ;
  • Optimized for Fiber Optic Photodiode Monitoring
  • Logarithmic Conversion with Voltage Output
  • Wide Photodiode Current Range 100pA to 10mA
  • Output Bandwidth of 10MHz
  • 4-Photodiodes Populating Pads/Through Holes on Board
  • Single Supply Input Voltage +5V
  • Board Size 80mm~90mm
  • Operating Temperature Range of Board : -20degree-C to +60degree-C
Please see the catalog.
Please see the manual.

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30A-High Current driver/LaserDiode(LD) driver circuits Board(discontinued)
We provide the 30A-High Current driver/LaserDiode(LD) driver circuits Board.

Features ;
  • Drive current is 7.5A(max)/driver * 4drivers = Total 30A(max)
  • Heat Sink with Air-FAN is mounted onto this board.
  • The methods of contact to LD is the terminal blocks on the board.
  • LD current alrm via the tiny micro processor
  • Board Size 165mm~215mm~110mmh
  • User can connect the several LDs in series to the driver circuits.
Note ;
  • The TEC driver circuit is not on-board.
  • The drive supply source voltage is upto +12V. The load resistance and the supply source voltage limit the load current. The load current may not be able to reach upto 30A in the case of the large load resistance or of the low supply source voltage.
Please see the Block diagrams.

Please see the Electrical circuits schematics.

Please see the appearance photo of this board.

Please check the Driver Current DC characteristics.

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